Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Chanel S/S 2012 RTW... making it easier to say good-bye to winter...

The sound of waves, feel of the ocean breeze, the sunlight glittering on the water and turquoise pools! Yes, this does make it a little easier to get over the fact that I have not gotten to wear my winter gear as much as I would have loved too...  The weather here in Los Angeles during the day has been more like Spring/Summer. The only saving grace is that the nights are still pretty cold so I guess I need to plan more evening outings so I can rock the boots, leather and fur before the the nights start heating up! 


  1. I'm so ready for the beach, especially after watching that. xo

  2. tamra think i spoke to soon we are expecting rain in L.A. this weekend! love it! bring on the cold weather!! xo

  3. i love all the white. thanks for showing me this video!!