Saturday, February 18, 2012

Thanks Bobbi...

This past Thursday I was invited to attend a Bobbi Brown event at Bloomingdales. I have been in the market to change up my make-up colors and skincare routine. So to say that I was beyond excited to find out that my make-up would be applied by none other than Quinntin Phelps is an understatement! Quinntin is recognized as a global beauty expert, for over 16 years. During Quinntin's career, he was a beauty icon at Bobbi Brown cosmetics as the first Executive Global Director of Global Artistry and Development serving as Bobbi Brown's right hand person. Most recently, Quinntin was Bergdorf Goodman's global beauty expert. Designing and implementing "Ask Quinntin" program. 

I have realllly sensitive skin and Bobbi Brown products seem to work really well for me.  After working with Quinntin on make-up.  I was introduced to Tanya Cropsey.

Tanya is a part of Bobbi's elite team of make-up artist that are hand picked by Bobbi herself who work side by side with her.  I was also informed by Sara of Bobbi Brown that she is one of Bobbi's personal make-up artist.

Tanya really listened to my concerns and came up with an incredible new regimen  for me. I have only used the products for a day and I can literally feel and see a difference crazy I know!! So far so good!! Thanks Quinntin, Tanya and Sara!


  1. looks amazing xo

  2. wickeRmoss... such great products love em all!! farrah... it was so much fun!!

  3. Oh that is awesome!! I love Bobbi Brown's makeup!!

  4. andi... agreed! natasha... i know me too love love!! btw you are looking incredible so excited for you!!

  5. completely in love with Bobbi Brown products, I got some as a gift a while ago and it felt incredible!! X

  6. Hi gorgeous!
    so glad I found your cute, amazing, well structured and interesting blog while peeking at others' blogs! I really identify myself with it - I love beautiful things!I'd like to invite you to follow each other if it pleases you!
    wish you lots of success

  7. lola...aren't bobbi's products great! aida... so sweet!