Tuesday, February 14, 2012


This weekend I went shopping for a Valentine dress. I started the day at See's...purely for inspiration of course! 

While shopping I found myself alone in the lounge. So I decided to try my first attempt at a mirror picture. Clearly you can tell I am not used to doing this I am completely unaware of the mess behind me! How do you all do this? Because, as I was taking this someone walked in and gave me the weirdest look! lol oh well... I tried! lol

 Found a dress...

Not sure where tonight will take me but after a day of shopping this sure hit the spot!
Wishing you all a day filled with love! xo


  1. OMG, that row of chocolate is to die for. I love heart shaped boxes =)

    You did a pretty good job taking pictures. I don't see what mess you are talking about.

    LOL, i hate it when I am trying to take pictures for my blog and someone just stares at me. Bet you they are wondering why in the world am I taking pictures of the clothes. Just like when people take pictures of their food. I know a lot of restaurant workers make fun of them and just can't seem to understand why they need to take the pictures. Only us bloggers know why!

    Enjoy blogging.

  2. My mini bag... Thanks for the comment! After I posted I noticed the paper towels overflowing in the background! lol

  3. The mirror pic turend out well, I love your boots! I always struggle with mirror shots as well! XX

  4. Hope you had a nice day with a lot of delicious yumyum ;)
    XX the cookies

  5. same cookies different...yes I did! :) hope yours was as well!! xo

  6. tamra agreed! especially in-n-out my fav! xo

  7. yay I love getting to see a pic of you!! xx

  8. thanks taj for the vote of confidence! :) xo

  9. I absolutely love your bag :) who makes it!?

  10. the bombshell next door... thanks doll! it is michael kors "hamilton bag"